To those of you who point out that "Cave Canum" (pronounced "ka-vey ka-num") is mis-spelled, yes thank you. But it's not my fault. My cat Yreka (pronounced "Eureka!") came up with the name. A little pun on her part - "Cave Canum", from the Latin, "Beware of [sic] dog". Get it? Yreka thinks all dogs are [sic]. She's into puns she is. She even chose her own name as a pun, although I didn't get it at first. Her full name is Yreka Bakery. That's because I was working part-time in a bakery ~ rolls, muffins, that sort of thing ~ when one of the regulars came in and gave me a kitten as a gift. He was a wonderfully kind older Italian gentleman from Rome. I used to call him my Pal in Rome. So then the kitten wanted to be called Yreka Bakery. Get it? Pal in Rome... Yreka Bakery... It's subtle, but Yreka, she's like that.


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