192,097 I'm not in a fucken mental healthy place in my life right now. I need therapy.
Current boyfriend secretly back with his ex. We meet up fucken daily.
Drives to his job on for lunch fucks. He works nights. He's addicted to porn so we fuck every chance we get.
My fucken secret: His son's mom thinks I'm the fucken side kick. Really it's her who is he just uses her.
Fucked up he's told me she has the money and can no longer use their son against him now.
I guess we're now even.

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192,096 If I find out I have cancer, I'm installing one of those programs that can delete specific files after any number of days you choose.  That way, I can set it to delete all my porno.

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192,095 My secret? I really think Nancy Pelosi is hot. Just hearing her babbling about issues gets me hard. Even if she has dementia, I don't care, she's a real creamy dish. Am I sick?

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192,094 The other day they had an argument. Oh how I secretly fucken love when they fight. His way of getting back at her. He fucks me during his lunch brakes. In the car the fucken best part? He fucken tells me he loves me after we fucken drink some coke together. ;)

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192,093 091 I can totally relate. Like seriously
I've always lived a shelter and control freaks life. My parent's still control me and I'm in my thirties.
I need more independency.

I've lived a sheltered life my whole life. My parents have manipulated me all my life and want me to be codependent on them only. They have made me mentally insane over this.

And even if I did know how, I couldn't do it because I don't make anything near enough money to make it on my own.

So I'm stuck at home getting more and more depressed.
Somebody just shoot me now.

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192,092 My wife's new haircut looks terrible. No one is allowed to speak the truth on this topic though. So we nod along when my wife proclaims that her new haircut is delightful.

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192,091 My parents never taught me about morals only money. I think I'm going to become just like my parents pretentious, angry, discontent, judgmental and secretly miserable, my whole life.
I wish I could brake cycles.

But then again not! I want my daughter and son to live just like I did. Minus the smoking! ;)

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192,090 My favorite people in life.... are all fictional characters from movies.

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192,089 Hey Bitches, this Trend of getting as hot as you can and posting on Instagram, then threatening to Sue if someone hits on you, isn't going to end well for you!

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192,088 My husband bought our 12 year old son a switchblade for Christmas. I'm told all the kids have them at school. WTF? What ever happened to kids wanting a baseball glove or a kite?

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192,087 No dog in this fight, but the max SAT score went back to 1600 over a year ago.

Requisite Secret.
I poop in the shower.  Just saves time...

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192,085 My dad is 58 years old. He’s getting weaker. I’m sad that our relationship is so strained. It’s been so many years since we were close. Talking to him feels like talking to a stranger. It’s his fault, he’s never known how to be a father. I don’t want to spend however many years he has left on this earth like this. But I don’t want to have to teach a grown man how to love his own daughter. It would be no easy feat. Dad, I love you and I wish you had been a better man to your family

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192,084 In my local library, there is a section for children and a different section for adults. The librarians at the reference desk in the adult section answer the phone by saying, "Adult services, how may I help you...."

They might want to rethink that greeting.

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192,083 This morning during a coffee break at work a couple of my coworkers and I talked about what we would do if we won millions of dollars from the lotto. I said I would buy a modest house and a new car. I would give some of the money to charity and then share some of my winnings with my family. Then I would start a small business.

But that was a lie. Instead I would buy an extravagant home in the Hollywood Hills, buy a few expensive cars then Invest the rest of the money so I would have an income. Then I would bang 18 year old girls the rest of my life.

My family, charities and just about everyone else can just fuck off!


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192,082 Moderator, THANK YOU for providing a great site for all these years.

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192,081 I have my home town on my weather app. I also added the North Pole so every day I can look at how much colder my home town is than the North Pole.

I kind of miss it.

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192,080 I left my kids at home with hubby so I could go to the grocery store. But right now I'm just sitting in my car in the parking lot looking at my phone. Ahhhhh.... silence! 🙂

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192,078 Damn it! I lost $30 yesterday. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was on the bus. I just hope whoever found it put it to good use.

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192,077 I'm a freelance makeup artist who models for make up as well. I've become fat, lazy, selfish and grumpy. I eat healthy and go to the gym. Although I'm the most unhealthiest person alive. Due to years of smoking and drugs.  I've also aged
immensely although I'm thirty. I totally seriously look forty five.

I wish I wasn't fat. I struggle with an eating disorder where I typically have to purge to stay afloat with my weight. My father gave me a complex which makes me ever more so fucken disgusted with him because he's pretty unhealthy and fat himself. I can't leave though I would love to. I'm  to lazy to grow up or hold a steady job.
As of now my parents still have to support me.

Most depressing part of my life is my current situation my husband spends all his money on his current side chick yet has nerve to always come to beg me for money.

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192,076 I want to work on my marriage, I really do.  I just don't trust my wife with my heart anymore.  Been broken too many times.

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192,075 My daughter thinks that her amazing SAT score, 1510, will make up for the fact that she barely passes any of her courses and she'll be able to get into an amazing college.  17 years of telling her this has had no effect and she will be getting a terribly rude awakening next year.

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192,072 Amazing how unfaithful men sleep so peacefully and snore all night long while their wives sit awake in the next room and fantasize about the divorce they’re planning. 🙃
Sweet dreams, sweetheart. I’ve got a New Years resolution this year and I intend to keep it — kicking your sorry ass to the curb.

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192,071 I know I shouldn’t allow my mind to wander to thoughts of how sweet and tender our lovemaking would be, or the intensity of passion we could share as our souls joined in a boundless cataclysmic frenzy and we drown in each others’ eyes as you let go inside of me, taking me with you to a primordial dimension of pleasure and awareness....a unity beyond time and mind. Ageless, limitless, unspoken, eternal. I shouldn’t entertain these thoughts.  

Wish I was keeping you warm tonight.

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192,070 if you knew the reasons and how much love i have for you.. why i avoided you.. how i truly am sick over it.. as i know i fade too.. i only want to share presence and energy and really be there non avoidant. ive been treated that way and treated others that way it's normal when someone or both need another aspect. i imagined we would relate and mentally match. and i was avoidant at first as tho not realizing how i felt how i needed to know.. ur the only reason I'm not moving back and I'm situating myself there.. u know i need a call i need to know u i need to find u why are u or the fb making it harder. i cant post my number here and just so u know it says someone elses name but that's my number. please please call..

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192,069 did u know some people never had this peace of mind that yes they're going home today yes they'll see karl and michelle today.. yes they'll get to fall asleep in someone's arms and feel at home because they won't be dumped on the street every day. did u know people who've experienced drugs are sometimes more vulnerable to it for what they're minds are capable of.. did u know they're actually just art addicts concept addicts social addicts and it's just life they can have jobs and they can find their peace of mind. i am not saying i want back on drugs just interaction where ppl aren't avoiding me and i'm not avoiding people. to know this is my life. i bring peace of mind to this person(s) not the opposite.. it's not so much aboout drug addicts vs everyday life priorities but casual people who can all be around eachother with a little mess out and not only be talking about what they need to do next to maintain a reality.

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192,068 it will not let me message you.. and like in person.. i was avoidant of what i so wanted just to know you.. feel your energy.. learn your thoughts... learn your life and gifts and pains. i wanted to spend time not seem like someone who would just be on their phone or not be able to be in your presence. i was avoiding based on a life that will never be mine anyway. and it kills me now to have these ideas that it may be that you can't communicate not that you won't.. you have to know that my loyalty is yours. i would be going back to see fam and friends and not staying in this city at all if it weren't for you. I'm looking for apartments for feb or march just so i can see you.. i am so sorry and it's tearing me apart. i thought we would have experiences and minds that would connect. i still think so...

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192,067 I hate that I drink. My teenage daughter hates it too. I'm a good mom but the love of wine is starting to ruin it. What have I done?

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192,066 Poor people can use their free cell phones to look up and utilize websites that offer jobs and set up interviews for said jobs.

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192,065 I hate when I sneeze and someone says "God Bless You". I feel like I have to say thank you. I don't want to say thank you. I don't want to answer to you at that moment. I have cold. I'm not feeling well. But now I have to put in the effort to thank you. Just shut up if I sneeze. Pretend it never happened.

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192,064 Our government hands out free cell phones to poor people? I hope you are kidding. A poor person needs food and shelter, not a goddamn free cell phone.

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192,063 That grandkid of yours is not cute. Stop saturating your snapchat stories with pictures of it. All I think when I open the pics is "Ugh. NOT CUTE."

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192,062 I really hoped that when I opened a new bank account I'd budget better so I could make it until my next payday without overdrawing. I don't get paid until Friday, (today is Tuesday) and I need gas for my car. Oh well, the idea of not overdrawing was a nice one. Looks like I'll be just as much of a loser in 2018 as I always have been. Just because it's a damn new year doesn't mean anything changes. I still don't get paid before I need to spend money. $36 overdraft fee here I come!

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192,060 I deserve a fucking apology!!

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192,059 I interviewed for a job a few years ago at a big hedge fund. One of the strangest experiences of my life.  Here's what happened as best I can remember the conversation:

I was led into an office and sat down. The interviewer came in, no hello or anything, he just snatched my resume from my hands and immediately said, "That's where you went to college? What an awful choice you made. Says a lot about you."

I didn't know how to respond. Was he joking? (I went to an Ivy league school.) But no, he was serious. I said something about how I enjoyed my college experience.

He continued looking at the resume. "So you were a wrestler in college huh?  You like getting down on the mat with men and groping their balls? You get off on that?"

I said nothing. But I was thinking what the heck? I've been in the interview for less than one minute and he's already handed out several outrageous insults.

He wasn't done, not by a long shot.  He asked why I'm leaving my current job. I explained my wife and I have been living in Boston these last 3 years. She was offered a job transfer to New York. She really wants to take it , so I thought okay,  we'll move to New York and I'll find a job here too.

He shot back with "Liar! You're so full of shit. I can read it in your face. You are getting fired from your current job. Because no doubt you suck at it. You're so bad at it that you can't even get a job in the same city, so you are moving to New York, running away from your problems, leaving your nightmare career behind."

"Um... no, as I explained, my wife is taking a new job here."

"Well then you are fucking pussy whipped. You let her boss you around. She clearly wears the pants, not you. I'll bet she likes to be on top huh? Is that right, she's always on top telling you to hold still while she grinds her pussy into you? No doubt because you are so fucking bad at pleasing her that she has to do it all herself."

My jaw dropped. Was someone pulling a prank on me?  Was this Candid Camera? I felt like someone was going to jump out of the closet laughing, saying oh we got you good!

I didn't know what to say, but instinctively words came out of my mouth. "Don't bring my wife up again." I didn't say please. I wasn't asking. I wasn't mean or threatening. I simply stated what needed to be stated. "Don't bring my wife up again."

His response, "Or what, are you a tough guy? You going to do something about it?"

I stood up. "No, I won't be here to do something about it. I'm done." I turned to leave, stopping in the office doorway just long enough to say, "You've got to be the biggest asshole I've ever met."

I made my way to the vestibule and pushed the button for the elevator, in total disbelief as to what just happened.

He suddenly appeared.  He was smiling. He said, "Hang on, hang on, don't go anywhere. It was a test. I was trying to see how much you would take before standing up for yourself. I don't want wimps working here. I need strong people who will stand up for what they believe. I pushed. You called me an asshole. You passed the test. Come on back and let's talk some more." He had his hand blocking the elevator door from closing.

I very calmly said, "Please remove your hand from the elevator door so I can leave."

"No no, come with me, we'll go back and finish the interview." he started tugging on my jacket sleeve trying to pull me out of the elevator.

Oh I came out of the elevator alright. I came charging out. I pushed him right up against the wall on the opposite side of the vestibule. I had my forearm hard up against his throat, cutting off his air supply. He was squirming trying to get free from my grip."

I said, "How dare you fucking touch me. How dare you fucking mention my wife the way you did. The interview is over asshole."

I then shoved him down to the marble floor. "If you dare to get up, if you dare to block the elevator door again, I'm going to stomp on your fucking skull."

I then got on the elevator and left.

This was my introduction to working at a hedge fund.

Curious, I looked up this hedge fund online just now. There's an article saying how it is known for a coarse culture. The article went on to say the company has a 45% employee turnover rate every year.  I'm surprised it's not a 99% turnover rate. Why would anyone put up with such a menacing hostile work environment? Yes they may be financially successful, and their halls are filled with tough guys, but they are tough guys with no dignity, and no sense of right and wrong. Could you imagine what it must be like for the women working there? Forget Hollywood and Weinstein. Forget the Washington DC swamp. You want to clear up this world? Go after Wall Street.

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192,058 When I was in the 7th grade in 1976 there was this girl in my math class who had big tits. A friend dared me to grab her tits so I did. After I grabbed them this girl slapped me so hard I saw stars. But you know what? I learned a lesson and I never grabbed a girl's tits ever again. Imagine if that happened today. We both probably would have been suspended or even expelled. How times have changed.

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192,057 I feel very sad that I never wrote down the numbers associated with each of my secrets. There must be at least 50 on this site, and I’ll never know what they are again. Some were thoughts, feelings, things that happened, things that happened that I could never tell anyone, memories...things I wrote down on here, so I didn’t have them in my head, Etc.

Makes me feel like I’m missing a small portion of my teenage years. I wish I knew what bothered me then. I’ve changed so much...

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192,056 There are thousands of Rodrigo’s in the world...but you are the only one that matters.

I hope you are well, and taking care of yourself before anyone else.

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192,055 I'm a terrible person. I can't forgive myself for this one I did the unthinkable and wish to die.

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192,054 I like to stroke at work, and hold a hard on for a lonnnnnng time under my desk. I've even had people come in my Office, asking questions, not knowing that I'm unzipped, with a purple Rager.
I hope I'm never asked to stand up by the Boss.

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192,053 He's adorable. He's 10 years younger, but it feels like 20 or more. He's slept with any number of women because he's wickedly attractive, but nonetheless it seems like he's never felt any real passion or intimacy with any of them.

I know 3 of his ex-girlfriends and about 5 of his brief flings -- all because the women in question told me about it. (Hell, they won't shut up about it.)  I've never asked any of them a single question about him, but they can't seem to stop themselves from oversharing. I know how humiliated he'd be if he knew all the gossip I've heard, no doubt thinking I'll judge him for it.

Hardly. He seems to think he's been very bad indeed, but to me these romantic misadventures seem pretty normal, even mundane.

He's been trailing around after me for years now. This little intrigue appears to have gone on longer than any of his nominal relationships with women he can actually have.

Why does he do this to himself? He's got gorgeous women after him all the time. Why brood over the one person he can't have?

Men are so strange and perverse.

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192,052 My husband was sexually abused as a child & the longest relationship he had was prior to me and it lasted almost 11 years-& it was with a woman who was also sexually abused as a child. Perhaps that relationship lasted as long as it did because they were both scared of intimacy and didn’t enjoy sex. I do. I need intimacy and I’m honestly surprised we have been together as long as we have, much less have sex-ever. I’m surprised he has sex with me. Most of the time I can tell he would rather not start it to begin with. It makes me sad.

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192,051 I had the very best New Years Eve celebration. Fixed a fantastic filet Mignon, have a few glasses of Merlot, fantastic baked potato with all the additions. Dessert was New York Cheesecake. The best part was the wife had Chicken Marsala Lean Cuisine... so why was it the best New Years Eve..... the wife had to work....I rest my case.

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192,050 I wish my cock looked like a cell phone.  That way my wife would pay attention to it.

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192,049 We here in the south don't want any of "them thar New York jews" because we have plenty of our own.  What's more, those jews hog all the A's on the tests leaving none for our beautiful virtuous Baptists who really deserve the top grades.

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192,048 dont give me a houseplant as a present. its a death sentence.

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192,047 I know a girl who applied to college in the South. She has great grades and tests scores. She has plenty of extra curriculars to show on her application. She's kind and well spoken. And she's from New York, which means she's different than other applicants - who are 99% from the South. Colleges generally look for this kind of uniqueness.

But she was denied admission.  How could this be?

Oh, one more thing, she is Jewish. I think prejudice is alive and well in our country. A southern college didn't want "one of them thar jews".

I'm disgusted. We have a long way to go as a nation.

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192,046 I don't remember if I already posted this secret, but I'll post it anyways.  When I was attending the local community college, this specific event happened about 15 years ago, at least.  My classroom was on the second floor, and I did not want to take the stairs, so, I took the elevators, just to go up one floor.  How lazy I was.  Fortunately, nobody took the elevator, so, I was the only one going up, one floor.  I kind of felt the need to fart, so, I farted, and it was a stinky one, a short one, but a stinky one.  As the elevator door opened, I dashed out as quick as I could.  It did not occur to me while I was farting, that someone would be waiting at the door when the elevator doors opened and figure out that it was me who farted.   BUT, there was nobody, at the door, so, I was lucky again.  As I said, I ran out the elevator, and went into my classroom.  As I was waiting for the class to start, I see another student coming into the classroom, and tells the girl sitting next to me,  "that elevator STINKS!!  I think someone farted".  I laughed my ass off internally, meaning, I wasn't loud when I was laughing, otherwise, the person coming off the elevator would figure out it was me.  But, I was just so happy, really, 'cause subconsciously is what I wanted, for another person to smell my fart.  

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192,045 It's just as important to groom and care for your penis. not only shaving the hair around it , but lotion on the skin. keep it soft. I have the most beautiful penis ever and I'm told that on a regular basis

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192,044 My secret is that I wish more people would believe in divorce.

So many men (and women) talk about bad marriages. Why do they stay? I can't read some of these secrets without having my blood boil. I am divorced, and my wife did none of those crazy things of which I've read. After 23 years together, we just ended up needing things the other could not provide anymore.

Was it painful? You bet.

Was it expensive? We did the divorce ourselves, but starting up a new household and paying child support means I don't have a lot of cash left over. I practically live on credit sometimes, but my bills are manageable.

Was it difficult, hard and lonely? Yes, yes and yes.

Do I miss my boys, even though I see them every weekend? Very much so. This is the worst part of being divorced, frankly.

Am I glad it happened? No. But it was necessary. I miss my kids; but my ex and I are back to being close friends again and great co-parents. I get down sometimes, though I am optimistic about my future. I am even happy. My ex is remarried. He is not someone I would have picked for her, but he makes her happy and he treats my kids well. So, I have nothing to complain about there.

Please, if you are in an awful marriage and I know this sounds trite; end it.

Don't stay for the money, it's not worth your happiness and your spouse's too.

Don't stay for the kids. I understand this completely. Children are smart, they will sense something is off; even if you both treat them wonderfully. You don't want your kids wondering why (as they grow up) are not my parents getting divorced? You don't want to be older and have your adult kids say to you, "You and Mom should have gotten divorced. We would have preferred if you had even though it would have hurt us." The first example your kids learn of love is your marriage. So, be kind to them and yourselves. It's okay to have tried and failed. We all have something to learn, give your kids that gift.

Don't stay because of inertia or anesthetization. Don't you want to wake up in the morning and not be: angry, depressed, lonely? Don't you want to come home from and not feel: dread, despair or be sexually frustrated?

My divorce has taught me that life is too short. I'm 50 and I did all the things I was supposed to: be the first in my family to get a college degree, be the first in my family to have a professional career and I got married and have kids. Yes, I did these things because I wanted them, but only now do I feel that I am living my own life as I want, not as other people want me to.

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192,043 Weird sex thing. I've never told anyone this.
I tend to describe myself as asexual. Because I do not trust people enough to let them close to me. And also because I do not like being touched. At all. Even a handshake freaks me out. Physical contact is, in a nutshell, a no-no. Which makes a relationship pretty damn impossible. So it's easier to say I'm asexual. goes. I have never had 'nice' sex, or 'normal' sex, or whatever. It's always been forced and/or rough and generally unpleasant.
I lost my virginity when I was four years old. The dad next-door started fucking me in his bathroom. And carried on until I was seven. When I was eighteen, a guy I thought was my friend ended up raping me one Saturday night in his bathroom (what exactly is it with men and bathrooms?). My ex had a weird thing for BDSM and loved playing the 'you-say-no-but-I-know-you-mean-yes' game.
So yeah. Not a trusting person. And definitely not a fan of anything even remotely physical.
However. I do have a sex-drive. And the only way I can manage an orgasm is by masturbating to 'erotic' fiction revolving around non-consensual sex.
Exactly how fucked up am I, I wonder? I know I'm fucked up...just curious as to how bad it is.
It feels very.


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192,041 My secrets have actually finally come to light, at least for my family who were unaware of the severity of my drug use. I am not a "junkie," I've never shot up anything, I don't sit around getting fucked up all day. I don't get high every day. I go to work sober. Hell I rarely even actually buy drugs, but in my friend groups basically any drug you could think of and many you have probably never heard of are available regularly.

I hold a master's degree and professional certification, I am my own boss, I keep my own home and pay my bills on time. I have friends and good relationships with all my family, but the one person I do not have a good relationship with is myself.

I've always had a rebellious or I guess challenging kind of attitude to authority and social norms since I was in middle school, around the time I started taking drugs. I would also steal things, but I had a conscience about it. I would only steal from stores, never from people. I got better at it and used to steal money from one of my jobs. I did this for a year and never got caught.

I gave up stealing a long time ago, mostly because I knew I would get caught sometimes (not because I felt bad about it). I gave up some of the drugs in preference for the following, usually exclusively: alcohol (red wine), pain pills (usually hydrocodone, nothing really strong), rarely Xanax, and "moli," More recently I started using more and more cocaine as well.

Well, this goes on about 3 - 4 months when previously I was mostly only smoking pot and drinking wine and would do other stuff RARELY. Now I am in the fucking hospital with kidney failure and pancreatitis. I've REALLY almost killed myself now, and this is not the first time.

What worries me the most is that I got to where I straight did not care about anyone or anything, especially myself. Where do I even begin??

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192,035 That shirt she was wearing yesterday, I want to see it worn without a bra. I also want her to flash her boobs to me in it. The sight was sexy as hell, and I couldn't tear my eyes away from the way her boobs bounced and swayed, even though she pretended to try and not show me, it was erotic and hypnotic. I want to hold them and squeeze them around my face.


My secret is that I do my best to never notice the boobies. I can't look because of social rules. I'm not supposed to even notice or admit I like it.

My secret is that I can't make the first move. She needs to. She knows I'd never tell, she knows I can keep a secret, and I know she wants to be a rule breaker.

My secret is that I don't know if I can really do it, as much as I want to. I don't know if I can trust her to STFU.

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192,029 I don't walk my dog. He walks me...  he pulls me where he wants to go.

I don't fuck my boyfriend. He fucks me... he pulls me where he wants to go.

In either case I end up in bad neighborhoods where I don't want to be.

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192,028 i miss you so much

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192,027 I wish my teeth were sharper.....  then I could bite people who bother me.

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192,026 I have tragic hipbones.

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192,025 Went out for New Year's Eve and played bingo.  Went to the bathroom and there is only one stall and one urinal, and a bigger guy was taking a piss in the stall with his fat ass hanging out and he was talking to a skinny guy taking a piss at the urinal.

Big Guy:  "I've been having health problems.  I've got the diabetes."
Little Guy:  "I've got you beat.  I've got stage 4 prostate cancer."

Nothing but fun times in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  Worst New Year's party ever.

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192,024 I knew sleeping with my (married) boss was going to be complicated but as much as I enjoy the spontaneity, I really wish we could better schedule our time together. Especially since we can only hook up when we're at work.

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192,023 Let’s all do something nice for our spouses. Gotta keep the flame alive to stay happy. Gentlemen, do something spontaneously romantic for your wives. It doesn’t have to cost money. Give her a passionate kiss. Spin her around. Surprise her with her favorite meal. Ladies, give your husbands a blowjob. Lick his balls and swallow. Marriage is supposed to be fun!

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192,022 I think I’m depressed. I’m moving through the motions of my life without really feeling anything. I’m on autopilot. I’m in this foggy haze and I can’t seem to think clearly or be in any moment. Nothing excites me because I know that wherever I go, the apathy will drench me and it won’t matter what I’m doing because I feel the same numbness everywhere I go. I can pretend, but my eyes feel glazed over and then all I want to do is sleep. For the longest time I thought I had some disease and was just dying. Multiple doctors visits and blood work and the fact that I’m still alive prove otherwise. I went to the er for a panic attack and the dr said my blood work was “fantastic.” People generally think I’m fine. They think I’m happy and I’m lucky. I am married and have 3 kids and we travel a lot and do fun stuff and are well off. We don’t want for much. And I grew up without anything. Maybe that’s it. Maybe not having to worry about where my next meal comes from or whether or not my car will start in the morning makes me feel empty. It isn’t “home.” There is no home anymore. I can laugh and cat with other people but the truth is I’m dead inside. I saw some photos of Melanie Trump and she has that same a person staring out of a prison. I don’t know why I make that connection but I just saw it.

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192,021 I missed the boat... and I wasn't worth the price of the ticket...

again and again... now i'm a husk... at least I'm calmer
wish this could translate into not depending on others and just enjoying platonic reality being in the moment

a different friend we were no longer on eachothers list either I noticed today... he said he didn't delete me so there's that...

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192,019 Nothing says presence like hanging your face over a toilet bowl, word?

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192,018 My niece turned 21 and went to the New York city. My sisters both took her with a big group of girls. They never asked me to go. They left me out on purpose. They never even mentioned it to me. I found out from social media.

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192,017 016, please consider volunteering many worthy causes you could sure contribute to...and it would make you feel a little less lonely too.
Try the local animal shelter, nursing home, veteran's hospital, local charity, or homeless shelter.Many would be so happy to have your company and help...
if that isn't your cup of tea, consider taking some adult classes; ie art, photography etc.You meet some wonderful people there too...
Don't let this overwhelm you....

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192,016 how do I overcome the overwhelming sense of loneliness

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192,014 All my children are born at the end of September because my hubby's birthday is in January and he always spurted inside me that day because it was his birthday and he said he didn't need to use a condom. LOL. He wanted a present for himself and it ended up costing him a fortune in college tuitions!

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192,013 I'm suspicious of everyone selling something. I know you are trying to get away with charging me as much as possible. I hate it. I wish people would just be fair instead of me having to fight for fairness.

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192,012 As a guy who has been cheated on multiple times in *every* relationship, I've got a certain anger towards cheaters. I've also got an understanding. I've cheated in payback (shhhhh, it's a secret, my GF doesn't know).

I also have friends (couples) who have gone through episodes of cheating, so I have a close view of both sides of the impact, but I can also understand the draw of a person who has needs not being met at home.

The majority of the time, although there can be tears, I have never seen true remorse when my lady has been unfaithful. I've also seen the hunger in the eyes of women I haven't been with, but could have been, and later I kick my virtual ass for not taking the chance at a wild romp with a sex-starved sexy lady.

I've never broken up a relationship, but I have played a small part of the equation once. I've been the "victim" that broke off a long-term good thing because my lady was being a whore (regular gangbangs every weekend in hotels when I wasn't around). I feel the hurt from both sides.

There's a good chance a note saying 'sorry' would have lessened my hate for the others involved. As much as I can hold a grudge against the women who have cheated on me, I think that one of her fuck-ees apologizing would make me feel a little better about the human race.

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192,011 I don't say this in public, but I have never voted. What a waste of time to vote. But I don't tell people because they tend to sneer at me saying it's my duty blah blah. You are dopes.

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192,010 I cheated on my wife with a married woman. Long story. We ended up divorced. The other couple did too. Yep, I did that. I broke up two marriages. Both marriages had children. I messed up the kids' lives too.

You  know what I want to do? I want to send an apology note to the ex husband of the woman I cheated with. He and his kids didn't deserve any of this. Would that be weird to send an apology? I guess it would be weird, but I still want to send him a note. Or should I let sleeping dogs alone?

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192,009 I have a friend. She's been divorced for two years after a long marriage. Now she tells me she's moving to Houston, buying a house and moving in with a guy she's known for a few months.


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192,008 Thanks for the new format, CC.  Because you fixed the archives I was able to find the first secret I ever posted, way back in the 1500's.  It was probably posted in early 2005.

And how could I tell it was mine?  Because it was the exact same thing I was just complaining about this week to my friends.  The. same. fucking. thing. in. exactly. the. same. fucking. way.  

At least it's nothing I have control over, but I think I might need to at least start thinking about this annoyance in a different way.

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192,005 In a world full of cheaters users and fakers, Andrew is a stand up guy

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192,002 Life kind of kicked my ass in 2017. In 2018 I'm going to kick life's ass.

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192,001 I'm hoping my friend kills herself so I can have her dog.

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192,000 My wife is having an affair what she doesn't know is I set up a camera in the vent and I get to watch and it turns me on beyond anything. I wish she would just do it in front of me

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