To add your secret, use the   add a secret   link on the home page.

To edit your secret, use the      button next to your secret.

To underline your words, do this:     <U>your words</U>

To bold your words, do this:     <B>your words</B>

To italicize your words, do this:     <I>your words</I>

To add an image (example):

<img src="">

Don't foget the double quotes! Or if you don't have a photo sharing account anywhere, you can email us the image and we can put it on our server.

To color your words, do this:

    <font color=red>your words</font>

Available colors: red, green, blue, purple, yellow, black, white,
gray, silver, lime, navy, fuchsia, teal, maroon, olive, aqua

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