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Normally when I sleep with a woman I don't cum inside. I don't want to risk getting a woman pregnant. Or catching and/or spreading a disease. Who needs those headaches.

But I recently slept with a married woman. Without even asking I cam inside her. Whoosh, I filled up her pussy with cum.

In thinking back, I slept with a different married woman about 10 years earlier. Same thing. I came inside her.

Interesting to me that when it comes to single women, I don't cum inside. But the two married women I've slept if, without asking I cum inside.

I think it is a territorial instinct on my part. I want to leave my semen in a married woman. It's a message to her husband. I want him to find it in there. I want him to know I was there before him. It's like I'm marking my territory with semen.


These days, almost every TV commercial you see is for medicines; pharmaceuticals.  The commercials usually seem overlong, because they have to take so much time listing the side-effects.  Often, by the time the side-effects list is over, I have forgotten what the original purpose of the drug was.  I also notice that, most often, one of the side effects will be a worsening of the original malady.  It seems that almost all drugs have the potential of making an illness worse.  

They don't talk about the long-term effects of these drugs, but with all those side-effects, I can't imagine they would be too good over time.  I think that the long-term effects of some of these medicines will be horrendous and devastating for some in the future.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a skin infection.  Looking at my record, the attendant nurse could tell I had not been in for healthcare in years.  She scolded me for not having a family doctor and began listing the tests I should have the doctor schedule for me.  She even included those magic words no one had used for me before, "at your age!)  I am sixty.  I listened politely and nodded appropriately, but I have no intention of following through with her suggestions.  I will not set myself up for the doctors to start killing me with their pharmaceuticals.  That nurse was shocked when I told her that I don't take any medicines; she couldn't believe it.  But, I don't take medicines because I don't need any.  Sometimes things hurt.  Aches and pains are a part of life; I've learned to live with mine.  Everything does not need a pill!  We have turned completely into a drug and drugged culture.  And, once you start taking a lot of that stuff, you can never safely stop -- not until it finally kills you.

But, you know, we are just so managed and manipulated; have you ever thought of how utterly, utterly ridiculous it is to have prescription medicines pushed through TV commercials???  Who among us is qualified to make those decisions, yet they push it upon us like were buying candy bars!  These are prescription drugs with the power to damage and kill, yet they are in our faces all day, every day, constantly telling us, "Try this!  Try this!"  Please don't!  Think long and hard before you go down that road.  And finally, during your analysis of this, ask yourself this:  Who Benefits!  Who benefits from all this advertising and distribution of drugs?  Okay?


I don't want to do anything except watch movies. I don't like anything about me or my life. Movies let me be somewhere else.


My son will go nowhere in life.   I can tell already.   He's only 15 but I can just tell.   It makes me so sad.


I don't feel that I owe my happiness to anyone. My anger is mine, just as my scars. Sometimes I glimpse light through the cracks, but as soon as I turn to catch my periphery it's changed its direction. It's nice to have something to chase, and I guess I should be grateful although I don't remember asking anyone to turn off the night.


It's nice to end things on a good note, or see things gradually evolve into something else so that you have time to acclimate. Relationship drama leaves too many unanswered questions. I don't want to live my life like that, and I don't want to assume the worst in people. When I look back on these unresolved friendships, I can clearly see that there was no *loyalty* there. It takes courage because you want to believe that no one could be that cruel or empty inside.


I wish I was rich enough for someone to bathe me everyday.


I'm looking forward to getting divorced and starting over.


When I was a kid I worried about where my next meal would come from. Contrast that with my nephew. I heard him complaining recently. This summer he dropped his iphone in the hottub while vacationing in Greece. Modern day problems. Kids today don't know how good they have it.


My strongest childhood memories are of my dad lounging around the house on weekends, watching endless TV, drinking a case of beer, while wearing his boxers and a grubby Italian T shirt. These visions are embedded in my brain. I wish I could have them burned out of my memory cells.


When I was a bachelor I never once cooked a meal. I'd go out to eat or get take out. I miss those days. Now my wife fancies herself to be a good cook. She makes ambitious creations, that sorry, are not nearly as good as restaurant food. Not even close. With the added negative bonus that we waste a huge amount of time shopping for food, cooking, and then cleaning. I hate washing dishes. It's a pain in the ass. I'm longing for my bachelor days.


762 - it's called borderline personality disorder. Look it up.


Imagine if it was a woman running for governor and she had slept with fifty guys. That would almost certainly  be a deal breaker....


The is a story in the news about a guy running for Governmor in Ohio. He's in trouble because he once mentioned that he's slept with 50 women.

Ummmmmm, I've slept with more than that. I've never thought of this as a flaw in my character. I'm a nice guy. I like women. They like me. We sleep together. How wrong and judgmental to say a guy is a bad person because women like him and want to be with him.

As a society, we go way too far in trying to tell others what is wrong and right.




My wife is unstable. It's like she has an undiagnosed mental illness. She gets angry over nothing. It's like a switch flips in her head and look out world. She does this to me. She does it to total strangers. We'll be in a restaurant having a pleasant conversation over dinner when out of nowhere she calls the waitress over and starts yelling because our water glasses aren't completely full. My wife never asked to have the water filled. She just starts yelling. Everyone in the restaurant was watching. It was terribly embarrassing.

An amazing part to me is that the smallest of things set her off in the biggest of ways. If someone crashed into her car, okay, I get it if she yells at the other driver. But that's not the case with my wife. She instead explodes in rage when people do innocent innocuous things. The lady at the cash register gave my wife change as five $1 bills because she was momentarily out of $5 bills. To the rest of us, no big deal. To my wife, this is an insult worthy of starting World War III.  There must be a medical term for this where my wife's reactions aren't in synch with what's warranted for the situation. My wife doesn't seem to know the level difference between, eh, things just happen sometimes like the cashier has no more $5 bills, and a mass murderer wants to slit her throat. My wife always assumes the latter -- that everyone purposefully does things to my wife to cause great harm and torment.

This isn't sustainable. My wife needs to be medicated or she needs to be checked into a metal hospital. I can't keep tiptoeing around, afraid to interact with her for fear she will ignite a new firestorm because the point on her pencil broke.


#760, I wish I knew if you are male or female....


I just LOVE to masturbate! It truly is my very favorite thing to do! I'll typically masturbate 8 to 10 times every day, and I find the more I do it, the more I WANT to do it! I'd heard that masturbation is considered obsessive when it interferes with your daily life, however, I realiize I have the opposite problem; daily life intereferes with my masturbation! I used to have several hobbies - writing and performing music, woodworking, and experimenting with electronic gadgets, but now I have no interest at all in ANYthing but masturbating! Yet, as pathetic as that may sound, I realize I have NEVER been happier in my life, than I am when I masturbate! My mother used to tell me that if I didn't learn to control myself, I'd eund up in a padded cell somewhere, but honestly, I'm THRILLED with the idea! I'd just crawl in the corner and masturbate every day, masturbate every night, masturbate all day long, masturbate, masturbate all night long, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate over & over & over & over again and again and again!!!!


Go drinking with a couple buddies every Friday night and one is a multi-millionaire and us other two are middle class.  The other guy thinks his drinks should be paid for by the rich guy every time we go out.  He always asks if he is going to pick up the tab.

He is a tight fucker.  A couple of Fridays ago I bought the millionaire his dinner and drinks because it was his birthday.  I also bought this other guy's dinner and drinks...he had about eighty beers.  I buy the millionaire guy beers every now and then because absolutely everyone else he has contact with has their hands out for money.

Anyway, I picked up the tab.  On Sunday I showed up at the bar to watch the last half of a football game.  I had two beers.  I took out 15 bucks to cover the cost and the other cheap guy told me to put my money away, that I got it last time.  

So I bought him dinner and 8 drinks and he bought me two drinks, and that is even?  Christ people piss me off.


I thought you were my soul sister until I realized that you're just another narcisstic bitch. Miserable AF with a hypocritical streak like nobody's business. Enjoy your shitty self because I refuse to be victims of people like you. You had such a beautiful soul until you fucked it up with the nastiness you grew like a fucking tree.
Don't trust anyone who discounts abuse. That's your first sign you are dealing with a cold heartless person devoid of human feeling. Have a nice life being angry, asshole!


I fucking hate Christmas.


I love living in Los Angeles. The weather is really nice and there is never a dull moment here.


I can't seem to figure out why people make it their business who other people are fucking. Unless it's your s/o, it's really none of your business, is it? Men are going to fuck men, and women are going to fuck women. And everything in between. In this moment, I'm willing to bet that millions of people are fucking in ways you've never imagined. And guess what? It doesn't affect you one bit.


I wish I had someone in my life that would constantly tell me nice things, like my own personal cheerleader telling me not to give up and that I look nice today. When did it become weird to pay someone a compliment?


It must be terrible for your parents and siblings. I had a baby brother who die when I was a kid and my mother never fully recovered, she was never the same until this day we don't talk about it with her it's like he never exist it . My father is the one who make sure his grave it's well keep and when he is in town , he goes there to put flowers on his tomb.


My wife is constantly looking for something I'm doing wrong. It's a drag being with her. She picks apart everything. I'm holding my fork wrong. I'm watching the wrong news channel on TV. I washed the dishes incorrectly. I drove our daughter to school. It took 20 minutes round trip. It only takes my wife 18 minutes. Which way am I going? She wishes I would think these things out better. She exhausts me.


If men had babies then abortion would be a sacrament.


My sister committed suicide when she was 13. Maybe she knew what she was doing, maybe she was like f all the bs the future is going to throw at me. She would have been 30 tomorrow.


I wanna leave my memories


As soon as I can figure out how to leave my daughter with my father in Arizona and leave my dog in a loving home then I can shot myself in the face peacefully.


I miss you so much. I worry about you constantly. I pray and pray that you're okay. There's no way to reach you..I'm afraid I'll always feel this way.


I have been the victim of three sexual assault attacks.

First time, I was 17 years old, riding the subway at rush hour to the Uni. We were pressed together like sardines and the man behind me started rubbing against me. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but when it became clear it was not just an accident I elbowed him, turned around and caught him with his junk hanging out. It was cold and rainy that day (the reason why I rode the subway instead of walking), I was wearing jeans, a sweater, a rain jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves. Hardly suggestive dress.

The second time it happened, I was in my mid-20's and walking my dog around 11pm in the middle of the city on a Friday night. Lots of foot traffic, lots of activity since I was living near the Uni still. My dog was off-leash (it is allowed where I am from) and trotting just a few paces ahead of me. The guy was coming from the other direction and simply jumped on me, pinned me against the building wall and groped my pussy and my boobs. I pushed him off and he trotted away. I became to enraged I ran after him and beat the shit out of him, screaming and kicking and punching him - to the point that people around me stopped and asked what the heck was going on. Someone called the police but by the time they came around, the man had managed to escape me. The police told me there were other reports on the books and that they were looking for that man. I was wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Again, hardly provocative dress.

The third time it happened, I was living in the Caribbean and I was 32. It was 7:30am and I was walking my dog on the beach by my house. I was alone on the beach but I never thought twice about it. My dog was off leash, doing her thing (playing in the surf and chasing crabs down-beach) when three local men suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started crowding me. I tried to ignore them but they closed in on me and tried to rape me. Fighting off THREE men is no small task and I only walked away from it "safe" (besides being black and blue in the face and so tumefied I needed to be off work for 10 days) when my dog realized something was wrong because I was screaming so loudly and she came charging. She suffered a broken rib in the process but she literally saved my life. When that dog died, I was inconsolable for months. Anyhoo, that's besides the point. That morning, I was wearing shorts, a ratty tee shirt, a sun hat and sunglasses.

Besides these 3 violent instances, I have been flashed twice, have caught a man masturbating behind a bush/car twice and was the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace when I was 38 - because I blew the whistle on my aggressor, I was retaliated against and had to go to court to defend myself (I won because I am the wrong woman to mess with and I always, always, always document my interactions with management no matter what).

So please spare me with the "women ask for it". We don't ASK to be violently assaulted. What the fuck is wrong with you????


Transgender people exist.

These are people who do not feel as if they are truly the gender they were born into.

It's what we call a mental illness.


I used to work with a woman whose child grew up to be a serial killer. She was a nice lady.


Let's try this from another angle-if men were capable of getting pregnant, they'd  be able to get an abortion practically anywhere and it low cost. If men were getting raped constantly by women, they would not be making comments about how women should dress more appropriately.

Frankly, most men have no idea what a woman goes through on a daily basis just to avoid predatory males.  It's really fucked up.  

M 52


Hmmm... maybe I should let men drink my breast milk for money. Babies are expensive.


I shamefully admit I once peed on the floor of a fitting room in a well known department store. It was an emergency. I needed to go so badly. I was in a big city. There were people everywhere on the sidewalks. It's not like I could have ducked behind a tree or anything. Seizing the moment, I ran into the store. I couldn't see a sign for bathrooms, but I did see the sign for the fitting rooms. So.... This is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever done. I can't even escape the memory. Whenever I see the movie Miracle On 34th Street.... Yep that's one.


I want to drink from a woman's breast. Real, unfiltered, human milk. I was allowed to try 20 years ago from my wife, but she hated the feeling. There are two women I know who are nursing, but I could never ask. It would be seen as crude. But if I was given the chance, I would do it in a heartbeat.

One girl owes me. She groped me several times as a teen when she was exploring her new sexual urges, so I think it's only fair. But no, that was fine for her, but I'd be the creepy uncle for suggesting proper payback. Maybe if I hit up Craigslist I can pay for it. Maybe.


I had to video myself today. I'm being considered for a job. They asked me questions online and I had to answer while being recorded by a webcam. I played back the video. Gosh I can't recall seeing myself on video since forever. 20 years ago in high school we did a few videos for projects, but I don't think I've seen myself since then.

I was really surprised at how I came off. I was personable, warm, and intelligent. When did that happen? When did I become a good guy? I guess 20 years changes a person.  I never realized because I never see myself. That annoying pain in the butt kid from high school turned out okay. I'm pleased.


I'm pretty okay with people having abortions, because sometimes I really do wish I was never born. People like to act like life is amazing and a gift to be treasured, but now more than ever I'm starting to notice how shitty it is, unless you were born rich. Which, like, a veryyyy small percentage of the world is. It's not all it's chalked up to be, and we shouldn't feel obligated to bring people into this crazy world. You say all life has value, but really...does it?


First of all I don't have anything agains gay people or cross dressers or even transgender.  I just don't get the "lesbian transgender " when I seen docomentaries or shows showing transgender, most of them date men , I also seen straight men who crossed dress but still in relationships with women and considered themselves straight.  Idk I feel like Caitlin Jenner might not be the best person to represent them , she seems like she does it just for attention and money and don't forget she is also a long time republican voter who even back up Trump 😂🤣.  So in other words she is a lesbian transgender republican.


731, would you feel the same about those boys if it was your home they broke into and vandalized?   I don't buy into your theory...too many other kids that have been dealt bad hands but don't do things like this.


Why stop at transgender lesbian women?
There's an infinite number of variables...
Keep going long enough and you will loop back around to the individual. It's the only "group" we belong to anyway.
Real freedom is freedom of the individual.
Groups inherently become tyrannical.


Transgender lesbian women exist. Transgender gay men exist. LGBT people are real. Caitlyn Jenner has undergone full surgery and does not have a penis. Decolonize your minds


They check your credit before allowing you to open a checking account? why? It's YOUR money! They're not letting you borrow anything! I learned something new today


I found out I can get high off gabapentin. It's prescribed for me because I have bipolar disorder but I don't need it because I have other medication that works better. I have to take 15 pills for it to work but it's worth it. The euphoria is amazing and if I take another 15 pills in about an hour after the first dose I stay high for hours. What a wonderful discovery!😏


My son is in middle school. He told me three of his friends have being causing trouble after school lets out. There is an office building being constructed a few blocks away. The trouble-making boys wandered over there a few weeks ago. They broke a window and climbed inside. They found a set of keys, which they stole. Since then everyday after school they head to the construction site. The workers leave at 3:00. The boys arrive shortly after. They let themselves in with the keys. Then they break stuff and steal random items.

For me, the really interesting part, one of the troubled kids had a father who killed himself a few years ago. Another trouble kid had a mother who recently died of cancer. The third troubled kid's father ran off and remarried.

This can't be a coincidence. I believe all kids are good.  I believe all people are good. But some good people are given a shitty hand in life. As a result, they react out of anger, or maybe fear, or maybe loneliness. I feel for them.

The three boys were arrested yesterday. They were caught red-handed in the building. The property owners want to press charges and have the boys pay for thousands of dollars in damages. I understand. But I wish everyone could take a step back and see this for what it is - good kids with a shitty hand. Don't ruin their lives over something which isn't their fault.


I'd kinda like to try getting fucked in the ass. Just for the experience.
M, 57 yo


I don't like sleeping in the same bed as my husband. Nothing against him. His movements wake me up. I'm happier when he is away and I have the bed to myself.


190707 Your story is great.


I don't think people realize that Bruce Jenner attended High School in Newtown, CT. This is the same place where the elementary school was shot up and all those kids died. It's one messed up town.


I have the repeating nightmare where I'm laying in bed masturbating with my eyes closed. It feels really good. Then I hear a noise. I open my eyes and a menacing looking man is hovering over me. He's been watching the whole time. A simple joy has turned into a horror. I think my subconscious is telling me this is how I view my life. Every situation turns bad.


I said from Day 1 that Bruce Jenner was a publicity stunt for money and that's ALL it is until he cuts that dick off. He's Bruce Jenner stunting for cash.


The truth is Caitlin Jenner is nothing but a coward until HE cuts his junk off.


i want a boyfriend i'm so sick of being alone, weeding out the crazy fuckboys is also getting old. o'm a good sweet loyal girl who is amazing at head and the sex and yes i cook and clean without being asked and do things for a man because i want to, like buying gifts and going out to dinner why cant a man have the same qualities nowadays? ugh dating in 2017 sucks.


I never thought I'd be the type of person to solve my problems via suicide. Yet here I am. Careful everyone, bad things have a way of sneaking up on you, and before you know it, you're surrounded.


When I hear that someone has died, I always feel sad and disappointed that it wasn't me who died instead.


I try not to judge people however Caitlin Jenner really confused me, he went through all the trouble , including public humiliation, strained his relationship with his kids etc.. to ended up dating a women? 😂😂😂 In other words he is a transgender lesbian? Seriously, couldn't just save all the trouble and just play dress up on private.


I am a 54 year old father of two college aged kids, a boy and girl.  I was at the gas station this past weekend and there were two young women, I don't know, maybe seventeen years old, and they were counting their coins to see if they could afford a cup of coffee.

I offered to buy them each a coffee and they turned me down.  I think it was because of the climate we live in.  Anyway, it bummed me out a bit that I could not buy two kids a cup of coffee.


You perverted loser, messing with kids that are younger than you! Why don't you do the world a favor.


I went out on a limb and shared something with a friend. He offered criticism and a bit of a scolding. That's not the response I was hoping for.


I hate rejection. I take it personally. The worst is when there's no explanation. There should be a courtesy rule that if you reject someone, whether for a job or a relationship, you have to explain why. Because without explanation, I think the worst and beat myself over it.


It bothers me that on The Walking Dead, the women all have perfectly plucked eyebrows. You'd think that in the zombie apocalypse, that would be one of the first things to go.


#707 made me cry. In a good way. Thank you.


I miss you. I wish we had never met.


I'm sorry, sweetheart... you've always been surface-of-the-sun level hot, and it's been great fun watching you grow up from a callow youth into a keenly intelligent, thoughtful, and sophisticated man. SO beautiful, and now so interesting.

But I'm just not inclined to chase the ones who run away. Especially when I've already got someone like him purring in my lap, willing to do anything for me.

Still so much fun to play this game with you though, just sometimes. I love seeing such a strong man quiver... it's exquisite.

And you'll never know any of this...


707: Very nice, heartwarming story!


707, great story.  You made me smile.....Happy Thanksgiving!


I wish I'd have known they check your credit before letting you open a checking account. I thought this was going to be easy. Apparently not. I guess I'll be stuck with a prepaid visa or some stupid shit like that. Jesus fucking Christ I'm a loser.


190707 - This is the first time in a long time that a secret on here actually made me smile.  Great story!  Thank you for sharing!


We all have a secret. What is yours?


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