This site now has zero tolerance for breaking the rules. If you do break the rules, you will be banned.

The possibilities of being banned:

1) You can read secrets but will not be able to post a secret.

2) You will no longer be able to access the site at all.

3) All your secrets and comments will be deleted. Everything wiped out.

4) At the sole discretion of the moderators, if you break the rules, your IP address could possibly be shown along with anything you post.

You don't want any of these things to happen. You will feel left out as friends around you talk about secrets you can no longer read. They will think you are boring and won't invite you to parties anymore. Please don't spoil this website. It won't work anyway. The moderators are very good about deleting offensive posts and banning the culprits.


- Discouraging people from posting will get you banned.

- Chatting with another poster will get you banned.

- No judgments please. It takes a lot of courage to tell some secrets. Criticizing someone's post will get you banned.

- No threats. None. Enough of that on the internet. You will be banned.

- No racism or any type of hate speech. You will be banned.

- No childish prattle. You will be banned.

- Please do not simply post song lyrics. It is someone else's secret.

- Please do not simply say "I love you". We need a little more to go on. :)

- Unfortunately, most rants about "He left me and I'll never love again" don't make for very interesting secrets for the rest of us to read. You are absolutely correct, LOVE STINKS! But please refrain from these kinds of messages.

- Please do not vote a zillion times for the same secret. Once will do. Twice maybe. But not a zillion times. It messes up the vote page.

- Nothing about sexually inappropriate activity with underage children. You will be banned.

- Any obviously false secrets will be deleted and you will be banned.

- Do not keep posting your secret if it has been deleted. Some secrets are just not suitable for this site. You will be banned.

- Do not embed your own HTML codes into your secret. You may use the standard codes described in the help section, but that's all.

- If part of your secret has been deleted, please don't edit your secret and put the deleted information back. However, you may of course delete your secret.

- Please try not to refer to other posted secrets within your own. For one thing, the number scheme shifts. But also, everyone's secret, including yours, is a beautiful gem. A piece of poetry that deserves to stand on its own. So if you mention something about another post, it might be adjusted ever so slightly, setting your secret free.

- Please try not to refer to the website itself. Takes away from the Zen of it all. It's like when newscasters report a story about another newscaster. Or a doorman who lives in doorman building. Like what's the point of it all. Or something...

- I might change your wording or formatting a little to make the secret more readable. No offense meant at all. But I do realize sometimes people don't have all the time in the world to write these things, so I might tweak it a little to help it along. I will always keep the gist of the secret intact. If you hate my touch-up, you can always delete it or send me a note to try again. I'll work with you best I can.

- If you make an obvious typo, I might go in and correct it - unless of course it is for dramatic effect - like if you use lower case 'i' because that is how you are feeling that day or write things like *sigh* - in which case I applaud you for giving your letters stage directions and props - it is probably hard being a letter all day up on that stage - everyone staring at you and with nothing more to work with than the other letters around you. Props are certainly welcome here : )<

- Any post which is not actually a secret, no matter how well meaning, will be deleted. And you could possibly be banned.

- Please do not copy our secrets. Then they would no longer be secrets.

- Please do not put any personal identification information in your post. For example, do not mention a person by his/her full name. If you do, sorry, I might have to delete the post. I always want to be kind and considerate to others and their feelings and privacy.

- After you have posted a secret, you may edit it by clicking on edit icon to the right of your secret. However, you may only do so on the computer from which the secret was written.

- A lawyer friend told me I have to mention this.  All very boring, but to para-phrase, when you post a secret on our site, you are agreeing to allow me to share it with the world. The lawyer said I must say this so you won't get mad and sue me - even though I of course have nothing worth suing for, unless you want my prized ruby-red sequin that fell from Katarina Witt's outfit during the finals of the 1988 Olympics. But you'd have to get a really great lawyer to pry that from my hands!

- Please don't contact the website by posting on the main page. Please use the contact page.

- You must be 18 or older to be on this website.

People come here for secrets. Nothing more. Please help keep this site enjoyable and interesting for everyone.

(c) 2018
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